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We manage all aspects of crane compliance

The first step in ensuring compliance is to assess how your current crane management system, and individual cranes stack up against the regulatory and safety requirements.

We can conduct a Crane Management Compliance Audit to give you peace of mind and a clear direction forward.

To discuss your crane management compliance  call
(03) 9763 4332 or contact us via email.


  • Crane Owner Responsibilities
  • Inhouse Crane Inspection Training
  • High Risk Licenses

Crane Management Systems

  • System Audit
  • Crane Compliance Systems
  • Risk Assessments

Crane Inspection 

  • 3rd Party  Inspections
  • Major Inspections
  • Design Verification
  • Condition Assessment

Engineering & Design

  • Crane  Design
  • Crane Modification
  • Crane Uprate
  • Below Hook Device Device
  • Spreader / Lifting Beam Device
  • Lift Plans
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