Are your cranes putting your business at risk?

Don’t place yourself in legal or financial risk or endanger the safety of your employees. ideas* experienced crane compliance team can guide you through the regulatory maze and build a robust system that mitigates your risks.

Engaging a crane service company does not satisfy your compliance requirements

It is vital that all aspects of a crane life cycle be managed competently to ensure a safe workplace. However significant gaps still exist within the industry.

Unfortunately crane manufacturers and service companies do not provide adequate guidance on implementing a complete crane compliance system, including critical aspects such as pre-operational inspections, operator training, work procedures and risk assessments. A large proportion of new crane installations do not even comply with current standards.

Our focus is on the big picture.

ideas* cranes’ top down approach ensures all aspects of crane compliance are considered. We do not sell products or offer repair and maintenance services, we provide a completely unbiased approach. Most importantly, we give you the knowledge and tools to take control of your cranes rather than relying on the potentially compromised advice of your service company.

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